was long. And surprisingly tiring, considering all I did was sit on my behind all day.

Credit to the organisers, the day was relevant and well structured. I even think everyone got their IT access sorted! Lots of useful information about line managers and educational supervisors and other HR related queries.

I do indeed have a load of e-learning to do on hand washing, moving and handling, violence and agression, fire, etc, but hopefully it won’t take too long as I did it all last year.

The social media policy was fun to read, a bit intimidating but generally reasonable and proportionate.

My ID badge even says “Dr” on it, which was a nice surprise for all of us as there had been some discussion about that at the end of fifth year. The new medical grade titles (FY1, FY2, CT1, etc) are so poorly understood that having your title on your badge is important for recognition of your role by patients and nurses. (For the record I’d far rather be address by my first name, I’m not precious about the title.)

I’m doing my first day of shadowing tomorrow, shift starts at 8am so I better get some sleep. Can’t remember the last time I had to get up that early.


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